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    My goals for 2019 fundraisers is to raise $200 at the first one, $215 at the next, $230 at the third event, and $245 and the fourth one, leaving us with a years total of $890! We hope we can achieve our goal with your help. We recently had a bake sale on the first at Henry Hudson elementary, and with your help, it was a huge success! We raised $220 dollars for Kids Safe, which was $20 over our goal! That's a total of 70 meals! Thank you so much for everyone that showed up!

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    Parker Voynovich

    Captain of Canada

    I like to help people or animals who are in need, and in this case, starving. I'm in the 5th grade and love to dance, read and spend time with my friends. I think it's horrible that every day, some kids in the world who are just like me starve and don't even have basic needs! I hope that one day, people that are in poverty could enjoy a warm meal and not have to worry about when they would get one next.

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    In many African countries, they are facing a red cross issue that leaves many boys and girls starving and with chronic pain. I think that it's awful that kids that are hardly different than myself, have to experience the horrid thing that is starvation. When I go 4 hours without food, I get cranky, so I can't imagine how it would feel like to be hungry 24 hours a day.



    Similar to Africa, India has a major problem of hunger that has caused large-scale child malnutrition. In India, children frequently die of starvation. It must be so horrible to die from something that we take for granted. I imagine it also was tough on the family as well.



    Overall, child starvation is one of the big things that is wrong with the world, and Give A Free Lunch intends to try and fix that. It's not okay that people all around the world are dying and in pain from something that we take for granted. I truely hope that one day, kids in Africa, India, and other countries in poverty would be able to eat at least 1 meal a day.

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    Kid Safe

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    Bake sale at Henry Hudson Elementary 

    Henry Hudson Bake Sale!

    We will be hosting a bake sale

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