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    On a Mission to Solve World Hunger.



    ADVOCATE: In 2020, we aimed to double to the size of our team to increase awareness about world hunger. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


    2020 was an interesting year filled with loss, hope, and a lot of questions, but our international team didn't stop fighting for our mission. We can proudly say we have impacted 359 human beings and raised £2908.18!


    ALL DONATIONS will help us support children who need nutritional support to achieve their full potential around the world!




    In 2019, we welcomed Munich team members, Marlene and Max! AND, we expanded to London, UK! It was a busy year with lots of learnings and success!


    Imagine yourself in starving children shoes. You wouldn't be healthy or happy. So in 2019 we set ourselves a goal and YOU helped us achieve our goal of raising $8224 for kids around the world. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


    We are not math wizards yet but we know 1+1= 2. Each month we set a goal to raise money for organizations serving nutritious meals to kids. Visit Our Community to see who we've support so far!


    We will work closely with non-profits and communities all over the world with a goal to serving one billion HEALTHY lunches in our lifetime. Wish us luck!


    Our Big Hairy Audicious Goal is to present our solution for world hunger to the U.N. We know that if we put our minds together, we can accomplish anything! Join us to be part of the solution.


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