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2020 Accomplishments!

By: Mackenzie

It has been interesting year filled with lose, hope and a lot of questions, but our international team didn't stop fighting for our mission. Our team is over joyed with the amount of lives we have changed and are glad that we were able to make a difference during this challenging year. We can proudly say as a team we have impacted 359 human beings and raised £2908.18!

In 2020, we have partnered with many amazing schools and organizations that have supported us. Thank you so much Chelsea Academy, Holy Trinity and Christ Church Chelsea Primary School, and Style Her Empowered - SHE. Most of all you have helped us by spreading the awareness of the Hunger Crisis 2020 through the online Art work in January and by purchasing a Face Mask or Advent Calendar. We are beyond grateful for the extraordinary help from everyone.

This year we have also focusing more on our impact rather than the donations!

Canada + UK

298 Lives Impacted

180 girls in Togo, Africa

109 students in London Primary School

1 Togolese women

4 members of a family in Vancouver, Canada

4 new GAFL members - Guilia, Maja, Lila, Sebastian.


61 Lives Impacted

1 new GAFL member - Bianca

10 Members of our Honorary Society

50 homeless individuals impacted

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