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Adventure In Summer

By: Issabella

The summer of 2018 has been incredible so far. We have gone to the pool, so far my favourite part was when we went to beach early in the morning when there was no one there, we had delicious bacon sandwiches with ketchup for breakfast. and on the plus side I was there with my entire family but sadly without our dog Duncan. This week we have been going to Dance Camp.

We are also going to Winnipeg like we do every summer to visit our Nana and Grandad.

On behalf of Give A Free Lunch we would like to say have an amazing summer break. Spend time at the pool and definitely at the beach on hot wonderful sunny fantastic day.

So far this year we've raised $2350 and that already almost past our goal last year. In January we made $400 the money we raised we donated to food bank. In Jan we where sadly in red so we had donations from many people help reach our goal. In February we made we made $425, all the money we raised went to our school Henry Hudson's hot lunch program. We raised money by doing a book drive and celling potatoes with sweet valentine messages on them. For March we made $450, The fundraiser was an ivivva event where we educated people on what is going on on the other parts of the world like children in Yemen starving and there homes have been destroyed from the war. In may we raised a total of $500. Our fundraiser was a Lip sync battle at our school. WE can't forget about wonderful sunny June, we made $575 for the water project for young girls in Sub-saharan Africa who have to walk along distance in hot climates just to get water. What the waterproject does is give water to girls and families in Yemen.

Have a fun summer and we will be back raising for charities in September. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.



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