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December Fundraiser

BY: Issabella

This weekend Amelia and I went up to ivivva. We went up to west forth to raise money for Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver. We educated people on what Give A Free Lunch does and that there are less fortunate people in the world and how it is a problem. We did a raffle, where they would make a donation, then fill out a raffle ticket and cross their fingers to win a Starbucks prize pack!

On Saturday we raised $168. On Sunday we raised $65. Altogether we raised $233. Usually we don't raise that much money but since it is only a week until Christmas there were much more people. They were also willing to donate a few more dollars because it is Christmas time and Christmas is a time to be happy and thankful.

Last but not least, Give A Free Lunch is very thankful this year for all the individuals, businesses and charities for supporting us and helping us reach our goals this year. I'd like to shout out to our school Henry Hudson Elementary. Especially to our principal Ian Cannon for supporting us in every way possible! Also to all the people who have donated to help us feed families and children in need.

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