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Expanding on Art Work

By: Mackenzie Patel

All the art work from our last event during quarantine has inspired us to expand it into something much larger. We are going to partner with customizing face mask companies since everyone that is going back to school will need a face mask! The designs that people have customized for themselves will be sent to them and all the proceeds will be given to Unicef to feed children suffering even more because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children suffering from COVID-19 need serious help. Without COVID-19 they were suffering with lack of clean water, food, shelter and lack of hygiene and now on top of all of that they are dealing with the fast spreading virus that is life threatening and has killed thousands of people. Even though we are on lockdown does not mean the other problems around the world go in lockdown too.

Unicef has been working hard during quarantine to help the vulnerable not just in health but in education as well. For example, teaching 80 million children with distance or home based learning. And they are looking to reach 225 million more. Also, supplying sanitation equipment, PPE etc. to health systems and carers all over the world.

We are Give A Free Lunch and our purpose is that we are determined to empower, inspire and motivate children to come together on a journey of solving world hunger

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