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Family Soccer Competition

By : Issabella

As I said I will keep you up to date with all of the ups and downs of what happens in Give A Free Lunch! So that will be continued ------ Officially Announcing --- The Family Soccer Competition is on1

When = Friday September 21st

Where = Henry Hudson Elementary 

Address = 1551cypress street

Time = 3:00 - 5:00

There is going to be Freezie Sale afterwards for a nice delicious treat. The winning team will get a free freezie each.

As you probably have seen, as you are going through our website, you can RSVP for the Family Soccer Competition quite easily.--

Almost forgot to mention earlier The Family Soccer Competition is like a Mini World Cup. Just saying Before you RSVP you will have to make your own team of one adult and about four children.

If you need to you can have a few subs you switch in and out!


All proceeds we raise will go to a fabulous charity Food4Africa. Our goal in the month of September is $550.00!

Let's have fun!

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