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Friday's Meeting

By: Issabella Patel

On Friday September 7th Give A Free Lunch is having a meeting with Mr. Cannon our principal about the dates we can have our events. If we can have them on the field if it's open or not.

Just to remind you our fundraisers are

A Lip Sync Battle and a

Mini world Cup.

For our Lip Sync Battle we are hoping to have on Friday 21st from 3:30 - 5:00. In Henry Hudson Elementary it's on 1551 cypress.

Our second fundraiser is a Mini World Cup. We are hoping to have it on the 22nd on a Saturday from 12:00- 2:00. We aren't sure if we are having it in the gym or the school field according to how fast the grass grows.

Our goal this month is $550.00. The charity we are raising money for is Food4Africa!

Thank you to our principal for letting us host our fundraiser this month!

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