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How we got inspired

A ted talk by Josette Sheeran

We got inspired by the bake sale that we did in the summer of 2014 at Kits Beach. All of us did it with our nanny, Alix.  We sold brownies and lemonade. We sold out in just 20 minutes. We raised $31.91 dollars that day. The money went to the BC children's hospital. 

At the end we all were very proud of are selfs for doing that. After swapping ideas back and forth, we watched a Ted Talk. It was by Josette Sheeran. Click here to see her Ted Talk. After watching this, we thought we could do some thing BIGGER to end hunger. This led us to a meeting with Josette Sheeran on Tuesday Feb 21.

Josette is the head of the UN world food programme. I still can't believe that we are having a meeting with her . Josette Sheeran is a really good person and really inspiring.  These are one of the things she had said about her work and what she's doing.

''I think we can, in our lifetime, win the battle against hunger because we now have the science, technology, know-how, and the logistics to be able to meet hunger where it comes. Those pictures of children with swollen bellies will be a thing of history."

I hope you liked what you read.

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