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Ivviva Fundraiser

By: Issabella

This week we are having a fundraiser at Ivviva west 4th Avenue. Its is very similar to the previous fundraiser at Ivivva. The only thing that is different is that there will be a candy draw. At the previous Ivviva fundraiser at our stand we educating you on what is happening to families in Africa, India and many more locations. We also had a Quiz about nutrition and shared about what our project and goals are for Giveafreelunch. This time around the Ivviva Fundraiser will be...

Where = 2123 west 4th Avenue

Days = 20th - 21st of October

Time = 12:00 - 3:00pm

This month our goal is $700. All the money we raise is going to our school Henry Hudson's Elementary PAC. Thank you for all your help and donations. If you would like to donate and you can't make it to any of our fundraisers you can go to our website to donate online.

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