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June's Bake Sale

By: Issabella

This year one of our goals was to start a Give A Free Lunch kids club, we've started one! We have a group of 12 girls if you count Mackenzie and I it would be 14!! The Give A Free Lunch kids club is at our secondary school, Saint John Bosco College!

We are so lucky to have such an amazing group of our friends helping us raise money for Unicef this month!! (the charity we are donating to) We had cupcakes,donuts, fairy cakes, vanilla and chocolate cakes, best of all wafers!! They sold like popsicles on a summer day!!

Thank you for everyone at Saint John Bosco College who donated to UNICEF!! Especially to our head teacher for letting us start the club, allowing us to do the bake sale and donated!!

We raised £60.71!! Our goal was £300!! As a plan B we are going around Battersea Park, Sun Gate, like we did in May! See u there!

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