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June's Failure

by: Issabella

In June we had a disappointed month. We had a hole plan going but there were a few tasks that were stopped by difficulty. Our plan was to make £600 altogether! By making £300 at our school club Bake Sale and to make £300 at Kaeden's and Amelia's schools dance classes with our mom\ Nina! In case we fell short on raising money our plan was to do a donation stand in Battersea park like we did in May! This plan wasn't very effective!

The difficulties were, our moms criminal record check didn't come until Thursday, witch stopped us from holding the dance classes that month! Also, our bake sale at school only left us with £60! From that we have learned that we need to price things lower because we had enough products if we sold them at £1 but England has different pricing! Our Battersea park donation stand didn't happen because we chose a busy weekend to do it on and couldn't do it with all of our power and strength! We have chosen to make up the money in August because if we did it this month it would be to much money to raise in not enough time!

Team's input!

Issabella - "We put to much tasks\fundraisers to do at the same time, from now on we spread the fundraisers out in different parts of the month!"

Amelia - "I am disappointed that we didn't make our goal last month, but don't take it as a negative thing because we can learn from it!"

Mackenzie - " we have made many mistakes along the way and we kept making them until we finally get it and this is another one of those things and it will take some time getting used to London and figuring out what works but it won’t stop us!"

Kaeden - "it was disappointing but we'll learn from it"

I will keep you updated on July's fundraisers\plan!

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