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Lip Sync Battle

By: Issabella

You probably know already our "FABULOUS'' fundraiser for May was a Lip Sync Battle.

My favourite part other than the performances was my teacher cheered and clapped louder than any other person in the gym.

The top girl won an Ivivva yoga mat, wait before I say any more our unbelievable judge was Sydney Thompson. Okay now I will continue (she did an amazing job her name is Audrey and she did the song ''Locked Out" by Crowded House.

The top boy was Alex he won an Apex swag bag, a water bottle, wrist band and last but not least 2 free hour passes to jump and release all your energy at Apex. Alex lip sync to the song Fireworks by Katy Perry. Audrey and Alex and all the other participants did a wonderful job at getting up there in front of everyone and doing their best.

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