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lunch ladies are heroes

By: issabella

I watched a Ted talk about lunch ladies being heroes. The man who gave the Ted talk's name was Jarret J. Krosoczka. One day he went to his old Elementary school and he went to his lunch room and he saw his old lunch lady. She recognized him as Stefan Krosoczka, that was his uncle that is 20 years older than him. So he started a book series called the lunch ladies. And then for the book release he invited her and gave her the book series and a picture of the lunch lady on the cover of the book, it was a frame and everything. And then 2 years later she died.

My school has lunch ladies and they make nice lunches. I am thankful for the hard work. They are also really nice. Most of them are moms of kids in my school.

Children's book author Jarrett Krosoczka shares the origins of the Lunch Lady graphic novel series, in which undercover school heroes serve lunch...and justice! His new project, School Lunch Hero Day, reveals how cafeteria lunch staff provide more than food, and illustrates how powerful a thank you can be.

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