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May's Success

By: Issabella

In the month of May we were raising funds at Battersea Park! We had so much fun and our neighbours John, Maja and Guilia help us so much with going around Battersea park! They were confident and weren't afraid to go for it! We Couldn’t have done it without them!

We had little chalk boards with our values and a sandwich board with Give A Free Lunch on it and that really help us get people’s attention! We had a quiz on nutrition. It asked people to guess the amount of food people waste and how many kids go to school hungry. Here is the link to the quiz

The quiz really helped us with starting conversation with people!

All together we made 526.86! Our goal was 500.00! We are so proud of ourselves and are so lucky to have so many people, especially our friends/neighbours to be helping us through our journey of solving world hunger!

In May, we donated our money to the Hunger Project! The hunger project is a project that finds little village and towns in developing countries and help them to build a community and building houses, banks, school etc…

link to Hunger Project!

There mission is to '' Empower people to end their own hunger!''

The best thing was that we got to interview Sophia Noonan who is the country Director for the UK!

She has had a huge career in Health, Hunger and women and people empowerment!

Overall it was an incredible month and hope the success continues! We will keep you posted for our June event/events!

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