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Meeting With Nishga


On Saturday Mackenzie and I went to Starbuck's on Cornwall and yew. We were having a meeting with our friend named Nishga that works at ivivva. The meeting was about proposing an event give a free lunch wants to do with ivivva. We are going to have a fundraiser workshop, at the west 4th ivivva. Nishga was really nice and bought us a hot chocolate and she got a coffee.

This was our agenda (the list of things we talked about)


1. hugs, hello + welcome-all of us

2. history of give a free lunch (our why)-issabella

3. what we've accomplished-Mackenzie

4. our goal, 1 year, 3 year and beyond-Mackenzie

5. what we want to do with ivivva-issabella

6. set the next meeting date + conclusion + thank you - all of us

See you then??????


The meeting went really well, Nishga is awesome.

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