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New Members Of The Team.

By: Issabella

This year 2019 we have added two new members of the team. There names are Parker Jessop Voynovich she is the Captain of Canada and is keeping our project going in Canada. And Marlene Sophie Harder she is the Captain of Germany and is launching Give A Free Lunch in Germany.

Heres a bit about Parker:

Parker is one of the newest members of Give A Free Lunch. Parker is an avid dancer (ballet, modern & jazz), loves reading and writing stories, enjoys crafts, volleyball, and hanging with her rescue pup Olli. Parker is 10 years old and is in grade 5.

Heres a bit about Marlene:

Marlene like's to help people who are homeless and don’t have enough to eat. I think it is not okay that so many people are poor and have no place to stay, while others have a lot of money and can eat whenever and whatever they want. I know how it feels to be hungry. But there is always something to eat for me. For others, this is not the case. So I help to raise money for a warm lunch for them. I am in 7th grade and I love to play handball and to sing.

We are so grateful for Parker and Marlene for helping us continue in Canada and launch in Germany!

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