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Our New 2020 Co-CEOs!

By: Mackenzie Patel

Since Mackenzie has been CEO for two years we felt like it was time for change! The beginning of 2020 we had everyone that wanted to become CEO present why we should vote for them. When everyone presented we couldn't come to a decision between Marlene from Germany, and Issabella from England and we figured that they would be great co-CEOs together. Congratulations to Marlene and Issabella! I am sure that we will achieve great things in 2020 with Issabella and Marlene working together!

Issabella Patel

I see people on the street who are starving and extremely skinny and I think it's not right. I can help them and I can especially help any kids out there who are hungry? I'm in year 8 and I'm the oldest in the family (by two minutes!) I'm astonishingly grateful that I'm not starving and not on the streets like some people. I also love being silly and laughing loudly! My new passion is drama and singing!

Marlene likes to help people who are homeless and don’t have enough to eat. I think it is not okay that so many people are poor and have no place to stay, while others have a lot of money and can eat whenever and whatever they want. I know how it feels to be hungry. But there is always something to eat for me. For others, this is not the case. So I help to raise money for a warm lunch for them! I am in 7th grade and I love to play handball and to sing.

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