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Our New Project!

By: Mackenzie & Parker

With SHE we have already done a Face Mask Fundraiser and that went extremely well, helped many students and teachers in Issabella's and Mackenzie's school stay safe by wearing hand made African cotton face masks made by women and girls in Togo, Africa. All the proceeds went to supporting the lives and education of women in Togo, Africa!

We realize that food is a large struggle for families in Togo, Africa with 365,000 people suffering from acute malnutrition and more than 60% of the population in extreme poverty that we needed to do something about it. We want to create a better life by giving them nutritious food that will help them thrive. So we are extending our partnership with SHE (Style Her Empowered) and launching a school lunch program for 180 girls in Togo, Africa. We are incredibly excited to begin the journey of a sustainable partnership that will help many more families, girls and women.

Here is a quiz on Togo Africa and poverty:

You can find all the answers :

  1. How many people in Togo, Africa live in poverty?

2. What region in Togo is the poorest and most deprived?

  1. In 2010 what percentage of children under 5 are chronically malnourished?

  1. What percentage of people in Togo suffer from acute (severe) malnutrition?

  1. Over the past 15 years what has caused a toll on the country's food security?


Where is Togo in Africa? e.g North, West, East, South.

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