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Our Next Adventure


Give A Free Lunches next adventure is going around the neighborhood and giving out cookies, and telling them all about give a free lunch. Some of our friends are going to help us hand out the cookies around the neighborhood. Those friends are some of our most trusted friends.I choose a friend that i know that will commit to help Give A Free Lunch. We can't wait till we get to hand out the cookies with our friends and raise money for kids that are fighting hunger in Canada. We are going to do this campaign on November 12th, 2017.

The next Adventure Give A Free Lunch is doing is a yoga fun class. Give a free lunch is going to doing the yoga fun class at our school gym. We are going to invite a whole bunch of our friends to come, and have a fun time. The teacher that will be teaching the yoga fun class is one of our mom's friend that teaches yoga at Granville Island.

All the money we raise from these campaigns will go to kids fighting hunger in Canada that really needs someone's help.

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