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Our Red This Month

by: Issabella

Every week in our company we ask if we are a GREEN, YELLOW OR RED. Green means we are definitely going to hit our target. Yellow means we might hit our target. Red means we are definitely not going to hit our target. I just told you what green, yellow and red meant. Now I'm going to tell you about how we are in the red this month.

Our team is red because GiveAFreeLunch was at the bottom of our priorities this month. Which got us in a bad spot for this month. What I mean is we aren't even close to our goal this month, and if you don't know what our goal this month is its $400 to be donated to Canada Food Banks.

So today we are making a plan - everyday this week we each have to do one task or more for the fundraiser. This Sunday our plan is to make #3 or more ideas for online donations then pick a few best ones and make them happen, also to write this blog and to update the website because it is out of date.

If you have an idea for any online campaign ideas please contact us or comment below. We appreciate any ideas and if we use that online campaign we will do a shout out on instagram and Facebook ;)

Love from :Bella

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