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Soccer Competition's Adventure

by: Issabella

As you know our last fundraiser was the Family Soccer Competition A.K.A it was fabulous? There where so many children. There was a slight change of plans because there wasn't quite enough kids to make eight teams so we made four teams. Each team got to pick what country they got to play for. The teams where England, Canada, Germany and Moldova. Everyone played extremely well but the winning team was England. Then second was Germany, in third place came Canada and then came 4th place, the team that gave it there all was Moldova. The winning prize was a huge bag of gummy's,  the England team was nice enough to share with every single person who wanted some.

We raised $100. This month all the money we are raising is going to Food4Africa. Food4Africa is a charity that hosts food events at schools around Africa so children get the nutritional food they need to grow and be amazing people when they grow up. If you want to know about our next events go to our Instagram and facebook accounts, they are called GiveafreeLunch. Hope to see you at our next event! 

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