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Staying On Track

by Alix Charles

March may be Spring Break in elementary schools of Vancouver, BC, but the Give a Free Lunch team isn’t slowing down momentum on the mission of feeding one billion lunches to children! As an advisor for these young entrepreneurs, I look forward to our bi-weekly Skype meetings to catch up on progress and give pointers on how to move forward. 


During our latest check-in call, the team shared upcoming plans for fundraising, giving back to the community, and inspiring kids to make the world a better place. We even took a team photo!

Issabella shared their agenda for the upcoming Ted-Talk-style presentation they will give to their school, Henry Hudson Elementary, during which they will share their story, current progress, and long-term vision for Give A Free Lunch. 


Mackenzie filled me in on the soon-to-be “Inspiration Club” which will range from 2-8 weeks (depending on the grade), and offer students the opportunity to design a give-back project for a charity in their community. What a great way to spread the entrepreneurial spirit! 

Amelia was excited to tell me about the direct-donation campaign to gather more money for kids in need through Give A Free Lunch! Donation boxes will be distributed to classrooms at Henry Hudson and to restaurants around Vancouver, and we talked through figuring out the best way to collect the money that generous students and customers will donate to the cause.

Kaeden also made an appearance and shared his enthusiasm for being involved in giving back to kids! During the upcoming school assembly presentation, he’ll be taking the lead, and introducing how him and his sisters first got inspired to change the world! 

Until next time, champions!

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