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The Last Hot Chocolate Stand To Reach Our Goal.

By: Mackenzie

On December, 3rd we did another hot chocolate and cookies stand to reach our goal $315, and on that day in less than two hours we made $82.20, but we only needed $58.80 so we made $341.20 so we way overreached our goal, which is fantastic. While we were out there we had a long line up of like 6 people, that's when we made all the money. There was also a garbage driver that pulled up and took a hot chocolate and cookie, but instead of giving us $2 he gave us a $20 bill when he left we screamed because we were so glad we got all that money just from one person. On the other hand, there was one person that gave us $20 bill and wanted $19 back, and she only took a hot chocolate, that time we were really upset. That day was cheerful but also gloomy, but mostly cheerful, and we made $341.

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