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The Second Ivivva FUNdraiser

by: Issabella

The second ivivva event went extremely well, we almost doubled the amount of money we made last week.

If you don't know we made $37 two weeks ago and then this past week we made $54. Next week we are hoping to get around $70 maybe $80, but it also depends on how busy the store is on Saturday, we are going to try our hardiest, and have great fun.

At ivivva there is going to be a raffle to win an ivivva prize pack, the prize pack will have a water bottle headband and sorts of stuff like that. There will also be a short but amazing quiz at the fundraiser!

On the stand in the back of the store there will be a hole bunch of paper with all of our wonderful achievement of the first year of our astonishing charity "GiveAFreeLunch"!

Just an reminder our very last ivivva fundraiser is =

Time = 12-2pm

Place = 2123 Ivivva West 4th

Day = Saturday March, 17th

The last yard sale we made $101.05. So what happened is that we decided to do a hot chocolate stand, then after 30 minutes of doing that Mackenzie said "we should put out our bikes that we don't ride any more so then thats exactly what we did. For Mackenzie and I dicided we should make our bikes $75 but the costumer can make it $70 or $65 if they wanted to. Amelia's and Kaeden's bike are smaller so we made their Wonderful bikes $50. Then after that there was a pink little scooter left that our dad got for Amelia on the first day we moved to Vancouver from Winnipeg, we made that $15 dollars we made the prize a little low is because when I was riding it down a hill I was stopping my self with the brake then when I put my foot on the brake it just suddenly fell of of the scooter. How crazy is that!

Well we are at ivivva doing the fundraiser Amelia and Kaeden are doing a yard sale with hot chocolate on the corner of Arbutus and York. At the yard sale there will be 4 bikes in fabulous condition and 1 pink amazing scooter! The hot chocolate is going to be delicious. Me personaly think the hot chocolate is tiny bit a little hot for my liking but you can have your opinion! Not to sound desperate or anything but we still have around 200 hunderand dollars to fundraise this month and on our website there is a little corner store with a few little toys. We would love it if you would buy or donate anything to the little corner store on our website. If you want to donate to our corner store all you have to do is take a "decent" picture of the thing you are donating to use then send the photo to us at To see if you want to buy one of or fabulous toys or bikes on our website go to our website! SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to the wonderful Ivivva store website, we are doing our event at!

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