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What I Learned From Andrew

Youn's Ted Talk

By: Issabella

One thing I learned from this ted talk is that most poor people are farmers, if we give them tools and seeds they can grow crops, that means more food for their communities. That means kids will get the nutrients they need to be good people and have a good life.

The second thing I learned from the ted talk is, that from 1960 to 2010 we have fixed poverty quite a bit. Andrew Youn the person who did the ted talk said "we just haven't delivered food to some countries like Africa yet" he also said "one of the reasons people are still poor is they live in remote countries that don't get delivered the food.

Give A Free Lunch is trying to deliver food to countries like Africa and some places in India so they can have a good life and to enjoy life too. Those are some things I learned from the ted talk.

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