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What I Learned From Tristrams Stuarts Ted Talk.

By: Mackenzie

When Tristram stuart started his quest of uncovering global food waste when he was 15years old.He bought some pigs and fed them the most traditional way. He went to all the food markets and took all the food that they were wasting, took it to his pigs and they ate it like it was chocolate fudge cake. Tristram made the pigs to pork and sold them, such a good use of food that was just going to waste because they weren't the right size to sell and the food market. Tristram Stuart should be proud of himself for doing that.

Tristram Stuart found out that out 28 countries 25 throw out more food than they eat. The country that waste the lowest amount of food is Eritrea they waste 90%. The country that waste the most is the USA they waste 200%. India, Kenya, and, Eritrea are the only countries that have an appropriate amount of food waste. Tristram Stuart went through a lot of work to find this out.

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