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What We Did In 2017

by: Mackenzie

Last year, in 2017, was our first year starting Give A Free Lunch and we had our ups and downs, but it was an amazing experience. This year we aim to have a much better experience in 2018! It will be fun and were still the same company as we were last year, but were going to do much better things this year. In 2017 it was just our practice round now were getting serious!

I am going to tell you what we raised last year in 2017, our first campaign was with Samridhi Trust and we gave them $700 to give lunches to their bridge school at the annual sports day event. They were very thankful. Then we raised $215 with Ivivva - an extremely fun Dance party, we gave all the donations to a local school in Vancouver for their school lunch program. After that we made $350 with our awesome lemonade stand in August. Then we sold hot chocolate and cookies and out of that we also made $350 from that extraordinary stand, along with a yoga event with yoga buttons and we gave all of that money to Kids Against Hunger. Then we did an event with Ava grows at our school henry hudson elementary at our winter concert and we made $382. Sugarrays boxing gym also helped us with that. So in total we made $1997 in 2017. In 2018 we will double that number.

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